Kylie Odetta released her latest project High Dreamer February 12th of this month.  In the same realm as Sara Barielles, Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, Colbie Cailat, Kate Voegele, and Ingrid Michaelson, Odetta’s sound has a pop, folk, and indie appeal.  She proves that simplicity can have it’s own depth and sophistication.  Each song simultaneously emotes a message of vulnerability and strength – it’s a beautiful journey.

Intentionally, Odetta created an EP that puts her deep illustrious voice at the forefront of each track. The lyrics and melody meld together so well that this effect really makes her songs ring true.  Two beautiful tracks that stand out are “Can’t Erase It” and “High Dreamer”.

On “Cant Erase It” Odetta serenades us with her pain and loss.  She sings, “You will never leave my mind… I don’t want to lose your memory.  I can’t take it, won’t erase your love.  I don’t want to put your picture down.  I can’t take it, won’t erase your love. Can’t erase it”.  Expressive of her heartache, there’s a  nostalgic moment, one that brings back bittersweet memories from the past.  Heartbreak often seems like a right of passage – in the end oftentimes once the dust has settled and enough space has been made, we find past lovers were meant to stay in the past. There’s a triumphant undertone to this song as though her love is a source of pride and power.  Indeed, it should be.  To love wholeheartedly is the strongest and bravest thing we can do.  We should be proud when we succeed in giving our whole hearts – even if in the end the relationship dissipates and leaves us broken.

Odetta has opened for Colbie Cailat and Gavin DeGraw.  I believe there’s much more beauty and might to come and I’m super excited to hear more.  I recommend this as a winter download.  Hopefully it warms your soul.  Check out her music here. Learn more about Kylie on her website. You can like her Facebook, and follow her Instagram and Twitter as well as watch videos here.

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