Jack The Radio recently released the music video for their single “Moonlight”.  It premiered on Blurt earlier this month. The single is off their latest album Badlands which came out on October 20th. In the same vein as Mumford & Sons, Noah And The Whale, Fanfare, and The Dodos, their sound is folk Americana music yet catchy enough to be categorized as a subdivision of pop.

Moonlight” as a song is compelling from the commencement.  The music video is a beautiful counterpoint.  Visually, the cinematography is warm and inviting, haunting and inscrutable.  It reflects the mood set by the song.  We watch A.C. Hill wander on a vacant street looking worn and beaten.  The next shot shows a man driving in a car. The next shot is of two men looking at a secret map searching for a destination.  We watch them suddenly in the woods with shovels digging for something. There’s a beautiful woman standing on the road.  A.C. reaches out to her and she reaches back.  They both look lost and uncertain.  In the end the man driving the car hits A.C. Hill and we watch the men digging a hole find a car with it’s lights on (I believe, couldn’t quite make it out).

I can only surmise what the meaning is behind this.  There are themes of being lost, searching, love, and loss. There seems to be an inherent loneliness in each characters personal journey.  Which is true of life, we search and connect, but we’re still always on our own personal journey, inside our own personal heads. Much is left to the viewers interpretation.  This isn’t unlike the song.  It’s a beautiful video and I recommend it as well worth a view.

Watch videos here.  Stay up to date on their website. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Listen to music on their Soundcloud page.


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