Betty Moon – Parachute

Betty Moon is a TINTR pop favorite around here.  She consistently pulls together mesmerizing beats, captivating melodies, and all around dance worthy pop art.  When we heard Parachute, we were psyched.  And it comes as no surprise that she’s yet again nailed it with all the vibes, and all the feels.

Moon is an artist of multiple mediums; music, film, and production.  Something about her vast creativeness seeps through her musicality and makes her sound truly stand out.  Equal parts complex, sophisticated, yet subtle, and understated she manages to draw the listener in more and more as her tunes move along.

Her latest single Parachute is off her most recent album Chrome, released during the summer of last year.  The track is an eclectic mix of retro and modern sounds.   Her smooth vocals are hard to ignore.  They add a layer of organic bliss that makes the song come alive.

Her double vocals adds a rock and roll component, while the beat adds a hip hop and soul sound.  You find yourself easily singing along and bopping your head to the beat.  Moon reinforces the idea that good music can have both compelling lyrics and beats.  That one must not sacrifice their artistry in order to have a current appeal.  She continually creates music that speaks to the soul and gets the spirit moving – really what more can you ask for?

Listen to more music on Betty’s Soundcloud and Spotify.  Check her website for upcoming releases and tour dates and follow her on her Facebook page here.

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