American Amnesia – Yet Here We Are

Yet Here We Are was released on June 22nd with Prophet Motive Records LLC. It is an 11 song album by alternative band American Amnesia.  From Torrington, Connecticut this young trio exudes passion and raw insight into their inner turmoil and the vast turmoil of this world.

You will hear rap.  You will hear singing.  You will hear metal.  You will hear rock and roll.  But their commitment makes this expansive sound cohesive and an interesting listening.  They sound unrefined, un-fine tuned. But this adds to their artistry because they are not afraid to take risks and take songs in compelling and surprising directions one cannot anticipate.

Patrick Nemaizer plays beautiful and thrilling guitar solos that enhance his vocals and add a layer of contrast.  His vocals are expansive and reach far.  There’s a fire in their music that makes it near impossible not to connect to.  It reaches deep into the bones and makes you come alive.  It’s something so thrilling and wild it’s quite an exciting ride.

I look forward to hearing more from this young trio.  The album is available for streaming on their on Spotify and SoundCloud.  There are also videos and behind the scenes footage on their Youtube page.  To learn more about the band you can follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages.  You can find upcoming tour dates and more on their Website.


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