Bad Reed is a band out of Southeast Canada.  On June 13th of 2015, the group released their self titled EP, Bad Reed.    One can hear Evanescence and Paramore in their sound.  The lead singer Sydney Sollazzo has a distinct tone to her voice that conjures up Ingrid Michaelson and Joan Osborne.  Just three months after the band formed they impressively released Bad Reed.   On January 23rd, the group released a music video for their song “Punch It”.  We watch in mystery as they serenade us with a song that is equal parts dark, complex, and a bit bewildering.

The indie, DIY appeal of this video fits the band’s aesthetic.  Each member plays with so much passion and sincerity,  it is quite alluring.  Lovely artistic screen splits spontaneously take over the video leading one’s eyes to various components simultaneously happening at once.  There are moments of true fire, they make up for the other parts of the video that are rather difficult to understand.  What is the message?

Bad Reed has a fire, gut, honesty, and beautiful novicelike appeal.  You can hear this in their EP.  They have a special quality to their somehow beautifully personal and intimate music.  Yet, it doesnt quite translate very well in “Punch It”.  I just couldn’t completely follow and at many times it seemed directionless.

Sydney is a beautiful muse, one which keeps the viewer interested. Even with this uncanny talent, I don’t know what the video or the song is about and I don’t know what it’s trying to tell me.  I really wanted to.  I just never could figure it out.

This is just the beginning for a promising band.  It seems they are still finding their bearings.  With a little more time they could very well craft themselves into an undeniably distinctive and unique band – one which many will latch onto. I hope they never lose their fire – it’s paramount in a world of dimmed lighted musicianship and insipid overplayed top 40s.  I look forward to hearing more from them and recommend downloading their EP for a listen.

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