A Review: The Unravelling ‘Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision’

Based in Calgary Canada, duo band The Unraveling released their latest album “Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision“, August 7th of this year. Produced and played by Gustavo de Beauville and written and sung by Steve Moore, the 10 song album is bold and courageous. Compared to bands including Faith No More, Filter, Catatonia, and Porcupine to name a few, they fall within the metal hardcore genre.

In 2011 The Unravelling debuted their first album “13 Arcane Hymns”. Since then much has taken place to hinder, influence, and eventually triumph over. The lead singer Steve Moore overcame cancer.  It’s an interesting dichotomy, a paradigm of sorts how struggle is key to creation; the inner workings of inspiration. This can be heard in the intensity and the direct execution with which Steve Moore sings.

Lucky me” is the second song on the album.  Moore sings “I have no control.  I have no choice.  I’ve got no soul.  I’ve got no voice… The billions get programed and optimized and the leaders distract us and strategize.” Underneath this one can hear “lucky me”. I surmised this to be the utmost sarcasm about life.  A look at how we can get caught up in the monotony of our actions not questioning our purpose.  And even when we do, feeling a bit hopeless and overwhelmed at the many things at work outside our realm of consciousness and control.

Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision” is the single from the album.  Steve sings ” Liar upon the throne of wisdom, tear a hole in the collective vision. No one to say, nothing to search for, nothing to be done, let the colors run, there’s nothing to communicate, no words are spread, no power to accumulate, illusions dead, beliefs will fall, and knowledge dies…don’t be caught off your guard now, don’t be naive…” The lyrics are vivid. They speak of angst and conformity, the mundane way in which we often live our lives numb to the surrounding fucked up-ness of it all. Basically, they speak of the machine. At the end Steve sings “Tear a hole. Tear a hole. Tear a hole.” It’s very effective. I want to tear a hole in something.

My favorite tracks on the album are “Lucky Me”, “Out of the Depths”, “Enough is Enough” and “Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision”.  The songs creeped up on me in a strange way.  At first I was merely listening to listen. But all of a sudden, I was truly enjoying the subtle rhythmic beats, melodies and lyrics.  Most importantly, beyond my own musical tastes, I believed what they were saying.  And that’s everything.


At times the music felt redundant, not enough key changes and melodic changes.  However, they stay true to their message and add meaning behind each song through lyrics and strong vocal performances which often compensates for the lack of change between songs.  All in all, I think this album is worth a listen and for those who love Hardcore and Metal music, it’s a great band to get immersed in.  Listen to the new album here. And stay up to date on their Facebook page.




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