The Camino Side Project · Part II

The Camino Side Project is comprised of Paul Farran as lead vocalist and guitarist. On his latest track N.A., a choir of ten women sing background vocals. Farran’s voice is deep, illustrious, luscious, full bodied, both light and heavy. The choir is led by Swedish vocalist Anna Högberg.  The women’s collective voice is vast, immense, it beautifully beckons us in – it is haunting, powerful, and ever-present. The combination of Farran with the choir together creates something truly special.

At once we are invited into their soundscape – immediately calling us to a higher ground. Paul begins singing “Square not round, rough around the edges. Lost and found, been around, up and down, mid-town. Underground, speeding through the trenches.” He sings, mumbles, at times simply speaks the lyrics. Repeating each phrase, allowing the mysterious lyrics to set in. The women’s vocals slowly and quietly begin to seep in.

This song reminds me so much of roaming nature, walking through open plains, climbing mountains, and wading through valleys. If Paul is the river, the choir is the sky. Together they lead us through a beautiful world. A world where we time and again come upon a soundscape that calls to the angels.

Their music makes feeling lost a right of passage. They make wandering the great unknown a less scary feat. They defy fear. They conquer their quest for meaning by letting their voices be heard. They make life’s unknowns worth exploring – curiously, excitedly, honestly.

Lucky for us, today The Camino Side Project releases his latest single N.A.  His impending EP North America,  is set to be released this October.

To learn more about The Camino Side Project please visit his website at at

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