The Begowatts

On Friday September 29th, The Begowatts will release their latest EP entitled The Grand Charade.  This indie rock band shows off their musical style with interesting melodies, counterparts, and guitar solos. Led Zepplin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Phish, and The Rolling Stones are some bands that quickly come to mind when imbibing the sounds of this Midwestern group.  For the fans of 70s rock, sit back and enjoy the sounds of The Grand Charade.

 In 2015, the band released their first project.  Having formed in 2012, it seems that time has forged a cohesiveness that seeps into their music.  Each track leads into the next.  Nothing sounds out of place.  And there are at times a sparsity within the moments of instrumental breaks that really adds a whole new dimension to their music.  Lead singer David French has a distinct voice, memorable, and magnetic. The band behind him seamlessly adds layers upon layers of musical goodness to interesting lyrics and deep emotions.

It’s nice but more importantly powerful that bands are speaking up about the current turmoil this country is facing.  They do not shy away from topics that matter to them, even parole. I hear this band on big festival stages, people soaked in sweat from crowds and heat, an atmosphere of love and hope — their music belongs on the stage in front of crowds of people. For those who love indie rock with a hint of jam band, I recommend this as a fall download.  Find more info on their Twitter page.  Listen to their sounds on Soundcloud.  Find pictures, dates, and more on Facebook, Instagram and their website.

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