Robots with Rayguns — SLOW JAMS

On September 15th, artist Lucas Patrick Smith musically known as Robots with Rayguns released his latest album Slow Jams.  You can hear a borage of influences, vast and unique with the sounds of  artists ranging from the eighties until now.  Artists like New Edition, Baby Face, The Weekend, and even Missy Elliot and Ciara come to mind as I imbibe Robots with Rayguns’ music. His music ranges from instrumentals to vocal tracks with an inherent trend of mixing retro with modern. The aesthetic leans towards cafes and lounges more than clubs and dance halls though it has a genre bending appeal that makes it fit into a variety of playlists.

Sometimes the surface is where the depth of something lies. I would consider this true with RWR’S latest project.  It’s enough to comfortably listen and imbibe the feel good vibes.  It’s enough to be satisfied with the simplicity of uncomplicated sounds and vibrancies.  Sometimes that’s exactly what the soul truly needs.



The Phoenix based artist is part of an interesting musical heritage that has consistently produced compelling music and icons for decades.  Arizona has produced some historic bands and musicians including Stevie Nicks and Gin Blossoms to name a couple.  RWR should not be overlooked as part of this state’s creative and honest artistry.  I look forward to hearing more and watching the evolution of this interesting and unique artist.

For the moments where we all must sit back and relax, take a moment for ourselves and breathe, this soundtrack will get you through.  I recommend Slow Jams as a fall download.  You can buy the 2LP Vinyl at Sofa King Vinyl.  Find more on RWR’S website as well as Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube and even more here.

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