Maxx’s Mixtape

Maxx the Muffin Man is an eighteen year old rapper out of Portland Oregon.  In December of last year, he released his latest project – a mixtape entitled, Every Summer Since.  This album is raw, unfiltered, and amateur, yeah somehow it still captivated my ears and often surprised me with a lyrical and emotional depth, honesty, and authenticity I rarely hear these days.

Various producers worked on the project adding an interesting array of diverse sounds and samples.  My biggest critique would be that Maxx needs to work on his rhythmic timing.  Sometimes his execution of words and phrases fell before the beat or after making his delivery off tempo and unrelaxed.  It also took away from the lyrics as his rapping often felt rushed and untimed.

From cancer, to depression, weed dependecy, and Adderall, Maxx covers an array of topics ranging in emotion and complexity.   Maxx writes,  “I almost gave up on life, and music is what allowed me to survive. I hope this mixtape can touch you in a way that music did for me.”  This disparity, isolation, loneliness, and search for meaning is deeply heard throughout his mixtape.  He often intermixes humor with sadness to convey an interesting almagamation of tender and thoughtout lyrics that most can truly relate to.

He’s bold in his artistry and intentional.  He comes from a place of honesty which gives him an advantage other up and coming acts do not have.  I recommend this as a winter download.  Sit back and relax and listen to the magic of Maxx The Muffin Man.

Find more information about Maxx on his Website.  Also, follow and like is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Listen to more of his music on his Bandcamp, and Soundcloud pages. And watch vides on his Youtube Channel.


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