Lily Lambert

TINTR has covered Lily Lambert before.  So it was quite exciting to learn of her latest single Ohh La La La. Released December of last year, the British born singer has a sweet and melancholic yet triumphant voice that remains on the ears even after she’s finished singing.  One can hear her Irish and Welsh roots seep through her musical style and delivery. I hear Nico when listening to her – less frilly and flamboyant and more direct and lovely.  With little vibrato and catchy yet repetitive lyrics, Lambert’s latest single is a sweet song.  It’s quite hard to feel sad after giving it a go.

Simplicity can be mistaken for easy and unsophisticated.  But there is often a finesse and poise that comes from stripping away the layers that are not truly necessary to make a song resound.  I would say Lambert successfully strips away any nuances that are not absolutely intregal to the song’s melody and lyrics.  Her sweet voice is at the forefront, as it should be.

We look forward to hearing more from the lovely songstress.  For now, find her on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and her website.


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