Katie Burden’s “Strange Moon”

Katie Burden’s latest LP Strange Moon is reminiscent of pop rock sounds from the the 70s, 80s , and 90s.  There is something quite current about her sound as well.  Artists that come to mind include Joan Jett, Jim Morrison, Bat For Lashes,  Pat Benatar, Cindy Lauper, and Stevie Nicks.  Released September 16th, Burden’s latest LP intermixes synth sounds with melodic guitar, compelling lyrics, and pulsating drum beats. Her aesthetic is an eclectic and intriguing mix of genres, layered emotions, and thoughts – it almost feels like a diary.

Strange Moon is an eerily emotional journey – there’s ups, followed by downs, and there’s everything in between. No matter the emotion, the entire experience is an enjoyable and exciting ride. Songs take surprising turns and shift from one mood into another almost seamlessly.  This is greatly achieved on I Can See You Clear – weaving between the verse and chorus creating an amazing shift of pace.

Immediately Burden’s tracks set a tone – one that I can only imagine is majestic, unusual, and quite powerful to see performed live.  Her music is completely her own.  She sings with an honesty and directness not often heard these days.  Burden’s voice enhances the overall aesthetic of her music.  She makes it seem as though she is the only one that could possibly deliver these songs so poignantly and so profoundly.


Strange Moon is cohesive from one song to the next.  Highlights include I Can See You Clear, HunterDon’t Ask, Strange Moon, Coffee, and Too Good For Love. Strange Moon is the best LP I’ve heard so far this Fall.  The entire album is worth at least one thorough listen but I recommend adding it to your Fall playlists.  In the span of a song I wanted to dance, cry, trance out, and then explore the inner emotions held only by the moon itself.

Burden is quoted as saying, I have a hard time feeling emotions sometimes…Art makes me less afraid to feel and also less alone. The beauty of art is often showing the world the side within one’s soul that could not be shown otherwise. When artists effectively emit their story and sing their songs with honesty and depth, it’s hard not to connect to their perspective, to not find similarities and moments of clarity.  And when an artist is really good, they can say the things that we may not have even known needed to be said.  They can even say the things we’ve been trying to say for so long but could never quite articulate. Well done Burden, you’re an exceptional artist.

Please check out Katie’s website for important dates, releases and more information.  You can like her Facebook page here. Stream her songs on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  Follow her beautiful feed of images on Instagram and see compelling videos on her Youtube page.  She’s definitely an artist to keep an eye on.  I look forward to many more releases and one day to see her live.



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