Shawna Virago

Shawna Virago released Heaven Sent Delinquent this past January. Since the 90s, Virago has been pioneering as a transwoman. Pushing the bounds of sexuality and gender norms, Virago bravely sings her truth speaking and telling stories about life.  In her own words Virago says, “These … are the stories of my generation – a generation of transgender people who came out long before the internet, before transgender celebrities and reality TV stars … before anybody gave a shit about us.”

There are components of the Album that sound cohesive.  I can hear the remnants of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Lou Reed, Neil Young, and The Eagles. However, the songs are at times a bit mundane and monotonous.  This lies mostly in the chords, song keys, and melodies.  It’s clear Virago has something to say and speaks nothing but her truth.  More dynamics would add a dimension to her music that pulls the listener in more.  There is a lack of range and harmonic depth.

The greats like Dylan and Lou Reed may have only had a limited octave range but they really knew how to use that to their ability. Virago is close and one can hear the sincerity in her music I just think the delivery of her songs and the way she tells her story could be more compelling.  After all, what she has to say is so important that it’s a pity if people get lost in the inspidness of melody and harmony at times.

I look forward to hearing more from Virago and to see the evolution and growth.  Stay up to date with Virago on her website.  And follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  Listen to her jams on Soundcloud.

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