Louise Aubrie’s “Late 44” – The Sweet Spots

Recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, “Late 44” is a rousing album from Lousie Aubrie.  It’s release date was July 14th of this summer.  The 10 song LP has some notable high points, some epic sweet spots.  Artists like The Velvet Underground, Nico, Little Richard, The Smiths, Lou Reed, David Bowie, The B-52’s, and Joan Jett can be heard. Aubrie stays true to an indie-rock pop sound, with hints of grunge, mid-western american music, and music of the fifties. There’s a cohesive aesthetic threaded through each song.  It’s at once mysterious and upbeat, enthusiastic and melancholy.  Aubrey has found her sound, one that is consistent and cohesive throughout the entire album.

The album starts getting in to a sweet spot by the fourth track, “Winter Dolour”.  Upbeat, catchy, and nostalgic of pop hits of the 80s, it’s a nice song to have on repeat.  Strong structures, with a strong verse and chorus, it’s a great track. The double vocals add to the chorus making for a big sound, one worth dancing to.  Another great track is Next to Nothing.  So melodious and appealing, it’s another dance tune.

The songs at times tend to sound too similar to each other.  They’re in similar octaves, with similar vocal inflections and melodies.  “Too Late” is the fifth track on the album.  It sounds similar to “Winter Dolour”.  But the ladder is a much better track so I lost interest.  This is also true of “Kiss of Life”.  They aren’t as unique or compelling as other tracks on the album – not comparing to “Winter Dolour, “Next to Nothing”, “One False Move”, “Masterstroke”,”Perfect Battle Cry”,  and  “Please Don’t Touch”.  Also, “Candlelight”  feels more like a filler than an enhancement.  An EP of the top songs mentioned above may have been even more effective.  Not every song is necessary, getting rid of them would make the ones that really go somewhere stand out even more.

Based in both London and New York, Aubrie has a bit of both in her sound.  Something of The Beatles, but also something of The Strokes.  It’s a cool mod sound.  It reminds me of sunny beaches and London bars collectively. Aubrey proves she can write quite compelling and fun tracks.  It’s refreshing to hear tunes with unique parts, twists, and turns.  The bridges and choruses are surprising and vastly different from the part that proceeded.

You can listen to the album on their Soundcloud page.  You can also find out upcoming events and info on her website, and Facebook page.  Watch videos of the pop rock princess here.


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