Betty Moon Covers PJ Harvey

Toronto singer Betty Moon released album “Pantomania” on July 28th of this summer.  It’s a collage of grunge, rock, dark, and alternative sounds.  Betty’s low voice and delivery give her music a certain depth beneath the simplistic melodies and lyrics.  On December 8th, Moon released a cover of PJ Harvey’s “This Is Love” exclusively on Purevolume.

It’s electric, fun, and an easy listen. It does homage to PJ Harvey’s version which is no easy feat considering the original is already excellent.  Moon’s version does it justice.  It’s impossible to not bop your head.  Betty’s sound is a reminder that good music is all around just waiting to be heard.  “This Is Love” is a satisfying and epic listen.

Listen to Moon’s rendition here. Stay up to date on Betty Moon’s website.  You can also find information on her Facebook and Twitter pages.  Watch videos on her Youtube page.


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