Todd Warner Moore – Spark

On October 31st, singer songwriter Todd Warner Moore released his album entitled Spark.  Moore’s music falls within the realm of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, and Ricky Lee Jones.  His music conjures the nostalgic and familiar sounds of folk and Americana music founded in the US of A. It is uplifting and engaging.  Moore adds a twang and soul combined with a wisdom and subtlety that leaves the listener satisfied and feeling good.

The fifteen song album features Moore on lead vocals, and acoustic and electric guitar. A variety of artist add instrumentation and background vocals to each track.

A line from Moore’s song Do You Really Know is “Do you really know the one’s you love“.  His lyrics have a simplicity yet depth and introspection that leaves you thinking about your world and the world around you.  He sings with such truth and honesty it brings you into your own memories and past experiences.

Moore sings with an assuredness and steadiness that adds a beautiful layer to his melodies and overall musical aesthetic.  He is able to delicately deliver each song with beautiful and subtle inflections.  He uses such precise placements of words and melodies, these songs really feel like his own.

The production and engineering is executed quite well – enabling Moore’s vocals to always lay on the very top of each song.  He is at the center.  Everything else surrounds his voice.  And it works so well.

I definitely recommend this as a January download.  Learn more about Moore on his website. Also follow him on Twitter here. Listen to more of his music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Watch videos on his YoutubeChannel.



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