Betty Moon – “Waste Your Time”

We here at TINTR are big fans of Betty Moon. Her glorious pop aesthetic is one we cannot get enough of. Part glam rock, part raw and unrefined, part soulful and sultry, and part uncanny and unwonted – her tracks always stand out above the rest. She continually reminds us that good music is just good music – far beyond the confines of genre or flash.

When you strip a song down to it’s very bare and minimal bones and find that the melody, lyrics, and overall mood are still perfectly portrayed – well then you know you have a true artist on your hands. Betty Moon undoubtedly falls into this inscrutable, unexpected, and much needed realm.

On December 5th, the popstress released her latest music video for her single Waste Your Time. It evokes all the emotions that love musters – it’s delicate yet determined, wild yet reclusive, it’s secretive yet inviting. There’s an intermingling of conflicting emotions and layers. It conjures up the angst and tentativeness that most have when entering love, but it also exceptionally exemplifies the excitement and courage we receive the minute we let love in.

Shot exceptionally well, each frame is its own visionary accomplishment. True to Moon’s style, there is nothing excessive, redundant, or overdone in the cinematography or her performance. Between interspersed shots of LA scenery, we mostly watch Moon sing to us casually, enigmatically, deftly, and compellingly. A beautiful dancer graces us every few frames adding both a grit and mystery that propels the video forward.

Somehow this song and video encapsulates the true nature of love. It successfully exhibits the uncertainty and fear we face, but more importantly portrays the courage and fun we inherit when we let someone in and give them our hearts.

Find out more about Betty Moon on her website. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Listen to more music on her Spotify and SoundCloud page. Find more videos on her YouTube page.

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