Lucky 757 – Lonesome Lagoon

If you’re a fan of retro 60s film soundtracks, you will find Lucky 757 to be a refreshing and nostalgic walk down memory lane.  Movies like The Graduate, Dr. Strangelove, The Good ,The Bad & The Ugly, Easy Rider, and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid,  are the first to come to mind.  Each song is filled with excitement, peaks, valleys, humor, and surprises. Vivid, colorful, emotive, and inscrutable their latest project Lonesome Lagoon is a fun journey through an unknown yet familiar world – one you can get lost in and feel wildly free and alive.

Part of the unique collective sound that permeates each track is a connectedness between the musicians and the music they play. This isn’t so hard to imagine since the band centers around Father and son. Danny, the father plays rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Cory, the son provides the lead vocals and guitar.

There’s something novice in their sound – this adds an intensity that propels each song forward. They’re not afraid to play loud, not afraid of an array of dynamics in the span of one song. The ten song album offers soul, punk, rock, americana, and folk. It’s the kind of music for riding in convertibles down LA streets, the type of tunes to get lost in on the dance floor alone or in someone else’s arms. It feels good, settles and nestles right on the soul.  There is mystery, pain, love, happiness, and the great unknown.

Highlights include Mugsy, Mar Agitado, and The Voyager. Although no song is out of place and only enhances the overall album as a cohesive and well executed piece of work.  I definitely recommend this as a Summer download.   Learn more about the band and tour dates on their website.  Like their Facebook  page.  Follow them on Instagram and YouTube.


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