Lord Sonny the Unifier – The Starman

When beginning the process of writing this review.  I came across a quote written by the artist himself; Lord Sonny the Unifier.  It struck such a chord with me that I will begin this review with it:

“Throughout history mysterious people have appeared to come from places beyond the scope and consciousness of this earth. They are the prodigies, prophets and mystery men and woman of the future, advising people with cautionary tales, directions that need to be sought, paths that need to be taken or even redirected towards a higher way. They are the ones bringing new technological or scientific advances that far out shine those before them.  Of course there are some who are misunderstood and shunned from society as well as those who come but their gifts do not reach fruition for various reasons.”

Lord Sonny the Unifier released his single, The Starman in late October of last year.  He takes this quote and relates it to his music by creating a man that is too ahead of his time in 2019.  So ahead of his time that he cannot fathom staying on Earth, so he leaves.

Wilco, Nirvana, Soundgarden, The smashing Pumpkins, and Tom Petty come to mind when listening to Lord Sonny.  I listened once.  I listen twice.  I listened thrice and something completely clicked.  Both the visuals and overall production of this single paint this vivid and surreal, inscrutable and unknown, wild and refrained portrait of what it feels like to be a human on this earth – don’t we all somehow feel like aliens to ourselves and each other?

I highly recommend you get into this single.  Good music is always good for the soul.

Listen to Lord Sonny on Spotify Bandcamp and SoundCloud.  Follow him on  Facebook and Twitter.  And learn more about upcoming dates and more on his website.

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