Luca Bash began is musical journey as a classical violinist.   In 1994, he began playing guitar.  It took him five years to decide he had what it takes to write his own songs.  After studying music and art in Rome, he formed a band that found some critical acclaim in the early 2000s.  Eventually, he ventured out on his own.  Bash soon found his own road of hardship facing a debilitating motorcycle accident that left him bedridden and in a coma for almost a week.

Scholars, neurologists, scientists, and researchers have many times over studied the brain activity of people in comas.  A fascinating topic, so much is unknown.  Are patients, at least some in a sleep like state dreaming?  Perhaps their bodies remain in a bed but their mind, their consciousness, and soul are in some other realm, living some other reality.  What can they hear?  What do they know? And if lucky enough to wake up, what does such an event have on the person that underwent it?  As Luca awoke he was changed and his vision for music was even more set in stone than before.

In 2014, Giova Pes the guitarist from his old band re-emerged and together they formed a duo that created their own sound and musical voice.   This project is called CMYK.  Luca’s latest release is his most recent musical exploration since the duo.  Released September 7th, 2017 Keys of Mine is a singer songwriter, folk pop, and indie musical journey.

One can hear the influence of pop artists of the 90s and early 2000s like Hootie & The Blowfish, The Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, Citizen Cope, John Mayor,  and Amos Lee – a nostalgic yet always current appeal.  Well produced and catchy, there are many highlights on the album.  Fifteen songs is a lot, even for the best of them.  Perhaps a two part album could have been a great way to keep people’s attention while not wearing them out.  However, the artistry is of the highest caliber and this feel good music has a depth and honesty that makes it very easy to listen to.  You can stream the new album here on this Spotify playlist as well as here on his Soundcloud page.

Find out more about Luca on his website.  Also, like his Facebook page and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.  Hear more magic on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud profiles and watch videos on his YouTube Channel.

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