Chapell · I Am Zuck

Chapell is an artist out of Stamford, Connecticut. He recently released his latest single, I Am Zuck – coming before the release of his album Penultimate on June 17th. Beautiful strings, horns, and harmonies create the bones of his latest single. Introspective and emotive lyrics lead this song into an inscrutable and meaningful realm that’s hard to escape. Hauntingly, Chapell sings with a soulfulness and depth that is undeniable.

In the chorus Chapell sings, All your friends are here but you’re still lonely, you’ve got to give them more. All the soulless people, we know where they come from, all the soulless people, we know they don’t, they don’t, they don’t belong. Something about his lyrics intertwined with the mystery that lies beneath the melody remind me of Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles. Just like that song, we confront loneliness from the perspective of other people, but truly it really comes back to us – we may all bear our loneliness and pain differently, but we all bear it in some way or another. So as I listen to Chapell sing about the soulless people of this world, the question he raises is on some level, aren’t we all?

There is something about I Am Zuck that lends itself to a good old Western film. Throughout the song sits an anticipation and a deep feeling of uneasiness – as if something big is about to happen or even combust. This is a perfect feeling to best summarize the state of this country, dare I say world. When the bridge comes we are hit with that explosion as avant garde jazz ends the song- pure, beautiful, chaos and bliss. The tension he builds from the beginning leads to a powerful end. It left me wondering what he meant by the ending – a truly refreshing question and a truly refreshing song.

Chapell successfully combines multiple genres of music from jazz, latin, and rock to create both an interesting and captivating sound. I highly recommend this as a summer download. More music that speaks of something beyond the ordinary is needed.

For more information on Chapell please go to his website. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Listen to his music on Soundcloud. Watch videos on Youtube.

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