Betty Moon · Hellucination

We here at TINTR have been a fan of Betty Moon for years. Her catchy tunes, deep and sophisticated lyrics, mixed with genre bending harmonies and rhythmic patterns create an aesthetic truly all her own. Consistently, she has released material that is both compelling, emotionally fulfilling, and rhythmically soul touching. Her latest album Hellucination, released May 17th, is a composite of interesting transitions, melodies, and lyrics that sit on the ears and ruminate in the mind. She successfully combines pop with something deeper and more meaningful than the usual music you hear in this genre.

The album begins with a soul turning, heart bearing song called Save My Soul. Moon sings, I was chasing a high underneath the lights. Like a needle to skin, its my favorite viceSomeone please put my demons back under my bed, Walking on water, sinking slow, I need you to save my soul, Hand in my heart and truth be told, I need you to save my soul, save me I need saving, save me I need saving, save me, I need you to save my soul…

Highlights on the album include Save My Soul, Taxi Ride, Fear Takes Control, and Crazy [What You Make Me] – though there’s not a song on the album that doesn’t contain something magical. Her choruses are notoriously catchy and memorable – always leaving you wanting more.

As a whole the album is cohesive, taking you on a journey – perfect for dancing to. Moon lifts you out of your everyday life and places you in the midst of midnight magic and mystery. Pushing the boundaries of pop and dance music, Moon not only makes you move your body, but she has the ability to move your spirit, mind, soul, and heart.

I highly recommend this as your next summer download. Get ready to feel all the feels and dance till you drop. Listen to Betty on Spotify and Apple Music. For more information on upcoming shows go to her website. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook page.

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