Andy The Crocodile · Scars & Wounds

Scars & Wounds is the latest EP from singer songwriter, artist, and producer Andy The Crocodile. It will be released on Saturday, June 8th. All songs on the impending EP are written, played, produced, and sung by Andy himself. Created in India, this beautiful album is both uplifting and heartbreaking.

Andy The Crocodile was born Anand Manivannan. From India, Andy uses his unique perspective to create appealing, fulfilling, and delightful music. Hope is the first song on the EP. It is a beautiful and touching song that resembles a beautiful lullaby – but it has the ability to touch the soul of any age.

His beautiful and clear voice enables his melodies to come to life and brings joy to one’s ears and soul. He sings with depth and intensity. He delivers his songs with passion and love. It is quite mesmerizing and captivating.

Lullubies often feel comforting, give solace, but they also have a bittersweet essence. For even as a baby, we learn that we cannot escape the pain and struggle of life. But isn’t it all beautiful? Andy The Crocodile’s music is a mixture of emotions from sweet to sad, lost to found. He is an honest artist, authentic and true.

I Highly recommend this as a Summer download. Find out more about this touching artist on his website. Learn about tour dates and more on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Listen to more of his music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Watch videos on his Youtube channel.

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