Shaniah Paige — Mysterious Boy

Shaniah Paige released her latest music video for single Mysterious Boy on November 14th.  In the musical realm of country pop, her music has a twang and urban appeal — the bending genre crossover sound that so many are drawn to these days.  Whether Shawn Mendes, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, or Megan Trainer, all these artists appeal to a massive group of people that feel compelled by the catchiness and instant familiarity of their music. Paige falls inside this group of artists, offering feel good vibes and catchy melodies.

Paige recently set off for college.  In a new world, with new opportunities and possibilities Paige found herself inspired.  Based on her own experiences falling for a mysterious boy, Paige wrote this song perhaps as an homage.  What is striking about this music video is the clarity of the shots along with her interesting fashion style.  There’s a hip hop element, mixed with a sixties retro vibe, still further mixed with the wholesomeness of country vibes.  It’s easy on the eyes and a beautiful story unfolds as each second progresses.

For those who love the top 40s of today, and connect with the sound of popular artists, Paige is one to watch and listen to.  Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her website.

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