Betty Moon consistently delivers catchy, contagious, and intriguing content. There’s always something more lying beneath the surface with her lyrics and overall aesthetic. The fact that her music falls within the pop realm yet still maintains a unique depth and candor, sets her apart.  Her sound is fresh and inviting – easy on the ears.  Her latest single Natural Disaster was released on October 20th.  It is also one of the tracks off her latest project Chrome.  Moon comes through with her latest single, creating a sound that is hard to resist.  It is also a much needed reprieve from the bubble gum pop circulating the scene.

Natural Disaster is an anthem. Moon may sing of her discontent and frustration but she does so with such angst, and honesty, resilience, and determination.  The overall track is somehow uplifting despite it’s somber lyrics. This dichotomy reiterates a common reality of life – we often have to push through the pain, still find something to dance about, still find a way through.  Songs like this are necessary as they help remind us that the human condition is one we all bear.  It’s good to have those go to songs in moments of crisis or disarray – it helps one to not get stuck in our own sorrows. Moon certainly provides our ears with music that feels good in the soul and lingers on the mind.

I highly recommend Moon’s latest track as a download.  She continues to create sweet candy for the ears, and evokes a mood that feels good in core of your body.  You can listen to the new track on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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